As a flight instructor, I have always tried to pass to my students, not only the pure flying skills but also a divine feeling of flying. As the time has passed, 

however, I had come to realize, that flying – the way as we know it today – is too complex to be accessible to everybody. The question how to combine 

the sky and the ocean - flying and sailing - into one unique experience kept occupying me at nights. That is how wFoil project has been born.

Tomaž Zore, founder and CEO of wFoil Group


New Thinking

We are one of the first who are developing flying boats for production purpose. Our goal is to enable everybody to experience the exhilarating feeling of 

flying while sailing above the sea on the tips of the foils at speeds equal of those generated by General Aviation airplanes (Cessna , Piper, etc.).

In that respect, we believe that a whole new category of sailing would be created. We like to think about it as a movement and call it "foiling".

World record

Due to its high-tech wFoil concept and design, we are aiming for setting a new world sailing speed record which is currently held by Hydroptere, France 

(51,36 kts), set in 2009.

Race class

Due to its unique wFoil concept, there is currently no suitable sailing class to fit our design. Therefore, we would start the initiative at ISAF for a new 

sailing class to be formed to provide an adequate competition platform, kind of formula 1 in sailing boats.

Greenest powerboats

With unique wFoil concept we are starting a new philosophy of powerboats: they can be green and sporty at the same time.

Tomaž Zore, founder and CEO of wFoil Group

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