Prestigious wFoil18 Albatross ZERO is the first and only personal hydrofoil powerboat available on the global market.

Hydrofoiling is a fact and future!
Hydrofoiling has been emerging as the technology of the future for a long time now and with projects like Hydroptere and America’s Cup winning team Oracle in recent years the concept has been proven. They show obvious results in efficiency, light-weight construction and speed but still don’t solve the problem of water drag exponentially increasing with speed. In addition they are one-of multimillion dollar projects hardly translatable into mass production products.

The third modern hydrofoil concept is ours wFoil concept. The wFoil project promotes our concept and presently we are one of the few who are preparing hydrofoil boat models for the market. We are surfing the waves which were set by the America’s Cup and we are the only ones who can, in a very short term, make a serious profit out of this.

The wFoil concept of the setting and shape of hydrofoils is simple, safe and easy to use. It has all attributes which are needed for the customer’s satisfaction.

The wFoil concept or platform combining the leading techniques of the aeronautical and marine industries and allows us to create many different models with which we can easily catch the movement of the consumer’s needs. With this concept we can make power boats, sailing boats and hybrids between boats and hydroplanes.

We can make luxury or sporting boats and we can save lives on oceans with hydroplanes based on the wFoil concept.

The wFoil project is a project which moves nautical boundaries.

Because radical design, attractiveness, performances and human wishes for flying, we can easily become a worldwide advertising panel with wFoil boats.

Presently we have two already existing prototype models.

The first one is wFoil 18 Albatross, the luxury hydrofoil power boat with which we have already filmed for Russia’s federal TV and Chanel 5 “The gadget show”. The other one is wFoil 10 Raptor, attractive, sporty and very fast high tech sailing boat with IT soul.

We are looking for an investors who are interested in investing in startup companies in the production field of modern and attractive vessels, using new technologies, materials and construction. The concept of such vessels is the unique combination of flying & sailing which enables the greatest pleasure not only for professionals but also for beginners.

In 2015 we can offer to the market high tech prestigious hydrofoil powerboat wFoil18 Albatross and widely accessible high tech sailboat wFoil10 Raptor. The first vessel will compete in the high price range and the other in the low price range. For both vessels we have made plans, a prototype and we have the facilities which are ready to start production. The production of wFoil vessels (motor and sailing version) can commence only if we find investors. To achieve the goal we are looking for an investment of 4 million €.

We are working as wFoil Group - a group of enterprises, academic institutions and individuals who participate in wFoil project. Tomaž Zore (1965), an aeronautical engineer and an airline pilot with over 12.000 flying hours is the founder of the wFoil Group, group of small businesses and craftsmen, experts, students and various individuals, who are dedicated to the project wFoil. This group under the leadership of Tomaž is showing its dedication with their positive professional attitude, excellence and most importantly, they are pursuing their jobs with a high level of passion.

An innovative wFoil concept is the basis for the operation of the wFoil Group whose vision is to become the leading producer of hydrofoil vessels in the world. wFoil concept is the first and only setting of hydrofoils of this sort in the world and represents completely new platform for vessels of the future. With no movable parts (except the rudder) it is simple to use and simple to build. It is a great platform for power boats, sailing boats and even hydro planes. wFoil project is developing a completely new hydro foil concept which took theoretical basis from transonic aerodynamics. Two “V” surface piercing hydrofoil setting is a perfect platform to exploit swept hydro foil design to its maximum and to control cavitations up to speeds greater than maximum speeds reached by hydrofoils so far. With swept hydro foil design the cavitations could be used as stabilization factor on wavy sea as well. Using the wFoil concept requires lower speed to separate the hull of the vessel from the water surface. Thus they will be able to reach higher top speeds and will be more agile and stable than any previously known hydrofoil boat. In addition, it will be easy to maneuver – the ride will be safe and fast even on rough seas.

Poweboat wFoil Albatross 18 ZERO - limited edition (only 12). The first prototyp wFoil 10 Raptor - sailboat.